Tony Connochie and Judge
Pet Valet

I come to your home or office which saves you two trips to the grooming shop. Perfect for those busy households. You don’t have to adhere to a shops drop off and pick up time schedule usually four hours apart. Your pet can be groomed even if you aren’t home.

No tranquilizers are ever used.
No exposure to other dogs diseases,
parasites or aggression.
No car sickness.
No car clean up.
No separation anxiety.

One on one professional care from start to finish unlike some shops that have bathers and multiple groomers.
I provide uninterrupted quality time with your pet.
Your pet is never in a cage.
Grooming is started immediately, no wait time in a cage.
Your pet never leaves it’s property.
No barking dogs.
No cage drying.
Ideal for nervous or older pets.
Can be asleep on your couch in less than two hours.

Full Service Grooming Includes:
Nails clipped, ears cleaned and plucked, hair between pads of feet
trimmed, sanitary trim of belly and rear, anal glands checked and expressed
if requested, tearless shampoo on head, warm hydro massage bath with premium shampoo and conditioners, high velocity air-fluff drying with
complete brush and comb out, haircut specific to breed or your individual preference, scented cologne, and bandana. For pricing, see our Rates Page.

Spa Treatments:
Treat your dog to a day of pampering. We have spa treatments available to include with your dogs grooming. Choose one for the prices listed below or choose three for just $15.

PAWDICURE A precision filing for a smooth finish without sharp edges. $10

BLUEBERRY FACIAL Deep cleansing softening facial. Removes stains and leaves the face smelling sweet. Not just for girls either! $6

TEETH BRUSHING A great finish to the groom with a healthy side benefit. $6

SPECIAL WHITENING SHAMPOO Makes your dogs coat extra clean and bright, not only for white dogs either! $6

SHED CONTROL TREATMENT Shedding a problem? This is an intensive bath with special shed control shampoo and conditioner massaged into the coat, and then a de shedding tool is used to remove all unwanted hair. $15

You can mix and match any treatment to make your own spa package.